9 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

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In 2017, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) published the 2016/17 HIA Kitchen and Bathrooms survey report. As per the survey, the average expenditure of a bathroom renovation in Australia was $17,054. According to HIA, the bathroom renovation cost isn’t more than the cost of a bathroom installation in a new home, which was at an average of $16,731.
With average bathroom renovations costs across Australia, including Melbourne hovering around $17,054, it’s essential to make an informed decision. Generally, lack of information and planning can result in unnecessary expenses and unsatisfied outcome. To make sure that your bathroom renovations in Melbourne go without a hitch, we’ve listed the 9 most common bathroom remodelling mistakes and how you can avoid them. Take a look:

1. Not Planning Details in Advance

Planning is the key here. With so many factors involved, it’s essential to be absolutely clear about what you want. For instance, the plumbing has to be aligned with the layout which in turn will decide the electric wiring and switches. Even the tile used to frame a bathtub can influence the overall style and colour scheme. Thus, it’s highly recommended to list down your priorities and then start the bathroom remodelling process.

2. Ignoring the Storage

Storage is often neglected when people are remodelling a bathroom. From towels to toiletries, we need a lot of stuff in the bathroom. Think about what all you use and need to store in your bathroom. The storage space shouldn’t only have ample space for storing essentials like toilet papers, cosmetics, cleaning products and dirty laundry but should also look good.

3. Inaccurate Measurements

The last thing you would want in your small bathroom renovation Melbourne project is to bring your bathroom suite only to find out that the tub or sink won’t fit. Thus, before selecting new products, it is absolutely essential to precisely measure the available space and double check it. Your bathroom renovator will take the measurements but you will be selecting the products. So, make sure you know what kind of fittings you require and in what sizes. For smaller bathrooms, opt for reflective finishes and compact fixtures to avoid clutter.

4. Installing Wrong Lighting

Having perfect lighting in your bathroom is an essential part of renovation. We tend to consider it as the final touch and save this decision for later. It’s always a good idea to plan your lighting before starting your bathroom renovation project. Ask your bathroom renovator for suggestions to have a perfect lighting. Utilise natural light as much as you can and opt for cost-effective lighting solutions.

5. Not Having Enough Ventilation

Regular hot showers and bath can steam up the bathroom instantly. All the humidity and moisture can get trapped inside and keep your bathroom humid all the time. If you have an outlet, add natural ventilation during your bathroom remodelling project. If not, make sure you add a ceiling vent for sufficient airflow.

6. Design Over Functionality

It’s easy to get carried away with the beautiful bathroom catalogue designs while flipping through a magazine or browsing online. But, you can’t ignore the functionality for your bathroom. If you have hired efficient bathroom renovators, they will certainly find a way to balance design and functionality in your bathroom. So, be open to practical suggestions while planning your small bathroom renovations in Melbourne. After all, you need comfort and accessibility too.

7. Selecting Wrong Tiles

Flooring can make or break the entire look of your bathroom. Take your time while deciding on type, size, material and colour. For instance, while planning small bathroom renovations in Melbourne, opt for large tiles. It can create the illusion of larger space. You can check this post for few more tips about making your small bathroom more functional.

8. Picking Wrong Furnishings

Remember, one of the biggest functional concerns when renovating your bathroom is to prevent moisture infusion. Choose the materials that are highly durable and water resistant. Avoid furnishing your space with wood, wallpapers, stone tile, etc. as they may not be the best choice for a bathroom. As mentioned above, a bathroom renovation specialist will never suggest any of these materials.

9. Not Having A Flexible Budget

That’s the first thing you can ask- “How much will my bathroom renovation project cost?” After you get a price quote, it is a good suggestion to set aside a budget for your bathroom renovation project. However, it is also recommended to set aside an additional 10-15% of the total bathroom remodelling budget for product upgrades or small change in plans.

To Summarise

An experienced bathroom renovation professional will give you the best options and suggestions for your project. If you hire the right team for your small bathroom renovation project, you can avoid any hiccups or unwanted costs. The Bathroom Pro is one such specialist for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. Tell us about your project and we will help you with the most practical suggestions. You can contact us for your bathroom modelling project by calling us at 1300 97 97 69.


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