Small Bathroom Renovations: 5 Tips to Make a Small Bathrooms More Functional

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Fitting everything in a small bathroom can be a task. Figuring out the sink space, allowing the clearance for the shower, and still managing the storage space for your toiletries can be a challenge. But, there are some smart ways to turn your small bathroom into a more functional space.

Maximum Functionality For A Small Bathroom

There are some great small bathroom renovation ideas that can make a small bathroom appear larger and more spacious. In fact. small bathroom renovations are common in Melbourne nowadays. From choosing necessary fixtures to colour palette, you can use these tips to make your bathroom more functional.

Maximum Functionality For A Small Bathroom

1. Install a corner sink

Placing the sink across the shower can use a lot of space. Using the corner space outside the shower for installing a sink is a great space solution. You can consider having a sink which is wall mounted, freeing up floor space. Another option is to use a vanity that connects only to the wall. It is called floating vanity and creates a lot of storage underneath.

2. Right lighting and colour

Using natural light or lighter shades in your bathroom can make it look less cluttered. Try getting some natural light in your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have an external window, you can install a simple skylight the same look.

Another idea to create an illusion of more space is to select the right paint colour. You can go for pale colours, mainly pastels, and off-whites, as it reflects light and maximizes the brightness of the bathroom. If you want to use wallpaper, then avoid heavy patterns and dark colours. Instead, opt for white or pale base wallpaper with soft wall patterns.

3. Close Coupled Toilets

Free up some space by opting for wall-hung toilets as the cistern, plumbing which is smartly hidden in the wall and toilet is off the floor, then it is considered as the smartest way to invest money and making it more functional. You can look for bathroom builders in Melbourne for implementing this idea in your small bathroom.

bathroom with attached toilet

4. Shower Area

Due to the small bathroom if can’t do a glass shower enclosure, think about using a shower curtain. A shower curtain can move back and forth, saving you a lot of space. Otherwise, you can expand your small bathroom’s utility by opting for a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower is a compact shower space that provides a solid wall and space for storing vanities or tubs.

5. Floor space

Finding different cost-effective ways to maximize your floor space will always make your bathroom appear larger. One of the space-saving ideas is to install wall suspended storage units. To save space, using floating shelves or wall recesses in the shower for storing shampoo and toiletries is the ideal solution. Hence, using simple things like the back of the bathroom door to hang a towel rack can help to make your small bathroom more functional.


The overall idea of renovating a bathroom is to add more functionality in a smaller space. Considering these design tricks will help you to transform your tiny bathroom into a comfortable space.

If you already have some bathroom renovation ideas in mind, your next step is to look for bathroom renovators in Melbourne. Our team at ‘The Bathroom Pro’ is one of the most recommended team for bathroom renovations in Melbourne. You can call us at 1300 97 97 69 and tell us about your project.


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