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Laundry Renovations for a Better Layout and Functionality

Laundry Renovations MelbourneIs your laundry cramped or needs a better layout? Doesn’t have enough ventilation? Or needs more storage?

Laundry renovation can be your solution.

Investing in a laundry renovation can never be a bad idea. After all, laundry is one of the most useful spaces in any home.

Nowadays, people want their laundries to be more than the basics and that’s why they are investing in a well-designed laundry renovation. We at, The Bathroom Pro, understand this very well and thus offer the best laundry renovations in Melbourne. We focus on creating a laundry area that serves all your needs, including washing, drying, ironing or even storing clothes.

Maximise Your Laundry Space with our Clever Designs

Investing in a laundry renovation means altering the space for a better layout. This will ultimately assist you in a smooth workflow while doing your daily chores.

If your laundry space is limited, do not worry. Our professional team will suggest you the most productive layouts to make your laundry room more and organised.

We take pride in delivering smart renovation solutions – by cleverly using your existing laundry space and making provision for new facilities.

We Have s Solution for All Your Laundry Issues

Our team will look into the minutest details before suggesting you the most practical and cost-effective solutions. If you need more floor space, we can provide hanging options for your dryer. If you want more brightness, we can add a window or build a skylight if possible. If you want a dedicated storage area, our renovation experts will try to accommodate it in the design.

So, no matter what your requirements are, our team will work out the best possible design layout to cater to all your laundry requirements.

Our Laundry Renovation Service is Just a Call Away

If you are planning to upgrade your existing laundry, simply get in touch with The Bathroom Pro. Our professional experts will ––offer you the best service for laundry renovation in Melbourne. Book your appointment for a free initial consultation. Call us on 1300 97 97 69.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a bathroom renovation will vary depending on the scale and complexity of the project. A minor cosmetic makeover can cost between $5,000 and $15,000. A complete renovation can cost upwards of $25,000. Besides size and complexity, the quality of the fittings, fixtures and finishes will significantly affect the cost, as will the plumbing and electrical requirements of the project. Our team will work with you to create a bathroom renovation design that will get the most out of your budget.

As with cost, the duration of a bathroom renovation depends on a number of factors including preparation and demolition requirements, the size or the area being renovated and the complexity of the design. During the quoting stage, we can work out a clear timeline for the project with locked-in commencement and completion dates.

No. We handle it all. We work with a network of fully qualified, licensed and highly experienced contractors including carpenters and cabinet makers, electricians, tilers, plasterers and more. We will coordinate with and manage all the contractors, which means you only deal with The Bathroom Pro team from start to finish.

No. As part of The Building Pro Group, we can also handle full home renovations and extensions as well as custom home designs and new home builds.

The Federal Government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant is available to Australian homeowners carrying out renovation projects valued at more than $150,000 on properties valued below $1.5 million. To receive the grant, contracts must be signed before 31 December 2020 and construction started within 6 months of contract signing. There are also additional eligibility criteria. We can help you determine if you are eligible for the scheme and work with you to create a renovation plan that helps you take full advantage of the government program.


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