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  1. How Can A Bathroom Renovation Add Value To Your Home?

    Posted: June 1 2018

    Everyone wants to have a dream home, which is built according to their specifications and which eventually gets them more equity. One of the easiest ways to add value to your property is by renovating a bathroom. It is considered as the most important part of your home, where you can relax and feel refreshed. […]

  2. Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

    Posted: May 24 2018

    It is important to create interesting surroundings and spaces in your home where you can be relaxed and satisfied. Your bathroom is one such space. If you want to create your dream bathroom by adding some latest bathroom fixtures, then bathroom renovation can be a great choice. It provides you with an opportunity to turn […]

  3. Tips for Renovating A Small Ensuite

    Posted: May 17 2018

    Every homeowner wants a functional bathroom. So, if you are planning for a bathroom renovation, but are confused that how will you work in a tight space, here is a good read that presents some space-saving tips and ideas of renovating a small ensuite. How Can You Renovate a Small Ensuite? Every space can be […]

  4. How To Renovate Your Bathroom In 5 Stages

    Posted: May 10 2018

      So, you have decided to renovate your bathroom. Now, if the first question that comes to your mind is, “Where do I start? “, then you are absolutely on the right track. A bathroom renovation is a process that involves multiples stages. It requires you to follow a strict guideline and maintain a certain […]

  5. An Essential Bathroom Renovation Checklist

    Posted: May 4 2018

    Homeowners always want to have a bathroom that reflects both style and comfort. If you are a homeowner and wants to remodel your bathroom, then look for the best bathroom builders in Melbourne, like this one here. They can offer great bathroom renovation services as per your needs. Also, it is essential to plan and […]

  6. 7 Important Considerations For A Bathroom Renovation

    Posted: April 26 2018

      There are times when you are bored with your existing bathroom decor and want a complete bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are one of the highly used spaces, so it is obvious that you want it to look as luxurious and stylish as possible. There are a number of bathroom renovators in Melbourne that can create a […]

  7. 9 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

    Posted: April 19 2018

      In 2017, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) published the 2016/17 HIA Kitchen and Bathrooms survey report. As per the survey, the average expenditure of a bathroom renovation in Australia was $17,054. According to HIA, the bathroom renovation cost isn’t more than the cost of a bathroom installation in a new home, which was at […]

  8. Small Bathroom Renovations: 5 Tips to Make a Small Bathrooms More Functional

    Posted: February 9 2018

    Fitting everything in a small bathroom can be a task. Figuring out the sink space, allowing the clearance for the shower, and still managing the storage space for your toiletries can be a challenge. But, there are some smart ways to turn your small bathroom into a more functional space. Maximum Functionality For A Small […]


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